Do smoking weed affect asthma

01.09.2012 · I've never smoked weed before but my friend asked me if I can do it with her. I don't think I should because I bet smoking weed makes asthma worse but I'm not sure. I've never done drugs before and I doubt I will but I'm curious. I also have a lot of allergies. Does smoking weed affect asthma? - Quora

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Smoking anything is dangerous for asthma. Including cannabis. Smoke contains contaminants that causes your airways to constrict and can trigger an asthma attack. Including cannabis. Smoke contains contaminants that causes your airways to constrict and can trigger an asthma attack. What happens if you smoke weed and have asthma? - Quora It helps as all Cannabinoids are strongly Anti-Inflammatory, THC is also a short term Broncholdilator. If you can try to get strains high in Alpha Pinene, its also a Marijuana and asthma: Does it help or harm? Changes in marijuana laws and the increased use of medicinal marijuana have led to questions about what conditions it can treat. Many people wonder whether marijuana can affect or treat asthma Smoking Weed With Asthma · Marijuana Mommy Still, logic told me that inhaling a foreign substance may aggravate my breathing – after all, perfume does, cleaning products do, and even cold air has a detrimental effect. Imagine my shock – My asthma actually improved .

Why Weed Edibles Are Beneficial For People With Asthma 20 Apr 2019 For many asthmatics, though, smoking a joint can cause more problems; even if the smoke carries beneficial medicine, it's not really worth the  If I have asthma, will smoking marijuana cause an asthma 28 Mar 2018 There is no definitive evidence saying that smoking marijuana will directly lead to an asthma attack, however there has been research done on  The SAFE Way to Use Marijuana When You Have Asthma 25 Nov 2019 Traditional treatments help, but in recent years smoking marijuana with asthma has been a common "activity." Find out how to do it safely. Cannabis and asthma: How good are cannabinoids for

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7 Oct 2013 Can medical marijuana help patients dealing with asthma Any doctor will tell you that smoking cigarettes is not a good idea for asthma 

Asthma - I have asthma and smoking pot doensn't seem to affect it at all. I have asthma and smoke weed just fine weed — с английского на русский I saw her smoking weed — Я видел, как она курила марихуану. Weeds affect everyone in the world by reducing crop yield and quality,… Лечение астмы гормональными препаратами | Сезон аллергии Бронхиальная астма: в каких случаях без гормонов не обойтись Мысль о

29 Nov 2018 Contrary to popular opinion, cannabis can help asthmatics in many ways. Of course, smoking is most often associated with various adverse 

Marijuana smoke is similar to tobacco smoke in several ways. Marijuana smoke has about the same amounts of tar and more cancer-causing chemicals than tobacco smoke. 1 Both types of smoke increase inflammation. 2,3 Both trigger symptoms such as cough and wheeze. 1,3 However, marijuana smoke may affect airway obstruction differently. 2 Whether you combust marijuana or tobacco, the results are not good news for your lungs, even though some studies suggest THC can inhibit coughing. Even second-hand smoke on a person’s hair or clothing can set off an asthma attack, so it shouldn’t be hard to understand why smoking weed for asthma is a bad idea.

8 Aug 2019 Ah, weed and asthma. Can smoking cannabis help asthma patients? That is the question. We have interesting news for you. The research on 

The SAFE Way to Use Marijuana When You Have Asthma