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Cannabinoid Profile: A Crash Course in CBDa, Source: http://boards. Formula: C22H30O4. Molecular Mass: 358.2144 g/mol. Decarboxylation Point: 120+ °C 

Understanding the benefits of raw cannabis and CBDA

5 Oct 2019 Upon heat exposure or prolonged drying, CBDA is transformed into CBD. However, CBDA has been shown to have its own set of benefits, and 

CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits come well-documented, comprising a large chunk of the cannabinoid’s high-quality research studies. CBDA may present a good candidate to reduce inflammation as well. In fact, it was shown that CBDA is even more proficient than THC at blocking COX-2, an enzyme produced as a result of inflammation.

CBDA has its own unique properties separate from the more commonly MCT oil has nutritional benefits, is easy to digest and is rapidly absorbed by the body. Top shelf flower has the widest and densest cannabinoid, sub-cannabinoid and 

Learn about cannabigerol (CBG), a lesser known cannabinoid with emerging research on its medical benefits for specific systems.

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Explore the many healing cannabinioids found in hemp and cannabis plants. You've heard of THC and CBD, but what about CBN, CBG, or THCV?

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CBDA is the precursor to the more widely known molecule, cannabidiol (CBD). In fresh cannabis, it is estimated that 95 percent of the cannabinoid exists as THCA and only 5 percent as CBD. When CBDA is aged and heated, it breaks down from its acid form and into CBD. The process of converting CBDA to CBD is called decarboxylation or decarbing. Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA): The Comprehensive Guide

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